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Achieving Hero Status: How to Build a Law Firm to Create Personal Freedom, Wealth, and Happiness

(October 22-24, 2020, in Arlington, Virginia)

Being a hero isn’t easy.

It’s not easy to live up to the shiny-eyed expectations of your children, who look to you for guidance and support. Or your spouse, who trusts you to keep the business profitable (and hopefully growing) – and keeps wanting you to find a way to spend more time at home instead of caged in the office. Let’s not forget your employees and clients, who look to you for support and guidance, whether spoken by them or not. It’s a lot of eyes on you, looking at what you will do next.

It’s a life of responsibility and accountability.

That’s the life you and I chose.

It is far more rewarding than the drudgery of living by the schedule someone else creates for you or the pay structure established by a senior partner. We can establish real autonomy and earn money far beyond what we ever thought possible.

I recently spoke with one lawyer (and member of Great Legal Marketing) who brought home $350,000 out the $1.1 million in revenue his firm made in the year. A happy return on his investment in starting his business by most measures. But it wasn’t the money that made his happiest. Instead, he talked about his Bahamas vacation with his wife – 10 days away in paradise! He shared photos of him and his oldest daughter hiking local trails while she was home from college, which he has been able to pay for without any problems. His son has one more year of high school left, and this lawyer expected to be able to see every single one of his varsity soccer games. (By the way, telling of his overall mindset was the book this lawyer was reading at the time, his fourth time going through his personally notated and heavily highlighted copy of Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich.)

That is what I call being a Hero to Your Family, and it’s one of the greatest values I believe any lawyer can have – providing for both the financial and emotional security of your family.

I have a great deal to say about being the HERO. Lessons learned from my own life and from helping thousands of lawyers make positive changes in their own lives. But before we get there...

Let’s turn away from the real world for a moment and talk about an iconic hero:


The caped crusader doesn’t just toss on his suit and go to work each night. His epic feats of cognition and strength are hardly accidental...

Bruce Wayne puts in endless hours of work to make it all seem effortless. That’s just the part of the story that rarely gets told. You don’t often read a comic book just featuring Bruce exercising, training his combat skills, building new gadgets, doing research, and everything else it takes to be the world’s greatest detective – which was Batman’s original tagline.

Then, when Batman hits the streets to take down his Rogue’s Gallery of Vllains, it all seems simple.

OF COURSE Batman can defeat Killer Croc, because he has trained physically for endless hours to be able to go toe-to-toe with the monster. (Croc was originally a sideshow wrestler by the name of Waylon Jones. Just a bit of superhero trivia.)

And OF COURSE Batman can outwit The Riddler, because he invests in his mental resources and learning everything he can. (Riddler’s real name is Edward Nigma. Do you see what they did there? E. Nigma. Read it out loud.)

And OF COURSE Batman can beat The Joker, because he developed the mental fortitude to keep his calm when everything else is in a state of chaos. That’s how Joker wins. He keeps everyone confused and avoids predictability. Batman taught himself to not just survive but thrive in those conditions. Sounds like something you need to learn to be a successful entrepreneur...

Heroes make the impossible seem effortless.

It is the mom or dad who comes home from a long day at the office and drops the stress at the door to help their kids have a fun and productive evening. There is no “taking it out” on the family, because the hero trains to shed the work environment when he or she arrives home.

It is the law firm owner who shoulders the biggest amount of responsibility and quietly handles the toughest decisions so that employees take home a paycheck and clients’ needs are met. No one knows about the juggling act you handle to keep marketing, operations, and finances all running smoothly... or at least as close to smooth as can realistically be the case when you are in growth mode. (Let’s be honest. There is stress in growing a law firm. Even the best plans encounter obstacles. It is in those moments that the real work of an entrepreneur like you is done – the risk is taken, the plan is followed through with, and you clear the path for success.

In society at large, we usually talk about heroes as the people who do a surprising one-off task in a heroic manner. It’s the proverbial chasing down of the thief who took grandma’s purse.

What about the heroes who will likely never receive recognition?

I am, of course, talking about small business owners – especially those who operate as true entrepreneurs, eagerly growing businesses that provide jobs and services for the community. These are my heroes. Even more so than the entrepreneurs who have greater name recognition. Jobs, Gates, Branson, Musk, Zuckerberg. I think it is the people who are more likely to be quoted in the local newspaper than show up in national news who should be named as heroes.

Law firms represent a large segment of those local businesses. And an underappreciated segment, at that.

I think it’s time to recognize the HERO STATUS of the owners of these firms – people like you.

Even more so, let’s provide a place...

Where HEROES Go to Train and Grow

glm 2019-141

Over the past year, the Training Center at GLM headquarters has been a proving ground for a number of event concepts that we want to bring to a larger scale. Group discussions, team-based activities, building more community, live demonstration of key topics, and a whole lot more. The small group events we produced (which will continue to happen) were even more enjoyable and successful than our initial lofty predictions, and it gave us the opportunity to rethink what our annual conference should look and sound like. So, there are exciting changes coming your way...

Starting next year, we will put on a totally different event engineered to move you forward in a way unlike any other lawyer marketing/success conference you attend. It will include:

  • Table-based “teams” that will collaborate on live marketing and practice growth exercises in the room, with the opportunity to share your discoveries and new ideas with the rest of the crowd, so everyone will grow together!
  • Special short-form HERO/ICON presentations from members to keep your mental coffers overflowing with ways to improve your life and law firm... these will include marketing, employee management, mindset, time management, personal growth, weight loss, lifestyle improvements, and any other success stories that can make a positive impact on your life (and YOU will get the chance to pitch yourself as one of the presenters – it’s a great way to put yourself up in front of future referral partners and friends!)
  • Brand-new, “done for you” marketing templates to take home from the event and use in your practice immediately, rapidly accelerating your ability to get more clients, make more money, and still get home in time for dinner!
  • ICON sessions from Ben on leadership, practice management, and the growth mindset!
  • Exclusive gifts for attendees, including special GLM collectibles to take home and remind you of your status as the HERO to your family and ICON in your community
  • Specialty presentations from Charley on client CONVERSION (in addition to add-ons, upgrades, and entirely new marketing schema to deploy in your practice) with LIVE DEMONSTRATION of how it gets mapped and launched!

One other big change is that we will limit the room to 120 attendees, maximum! This gives us the ability to devote more attention to the people there and engage in the group activities that we know will be huge hits for you.

Of course, that’s just the beginning...

There is all-new pre-event information to grease the skids for your success, including:

  • “Read This Now” articles pulled from economic stories, marketing journals, and more to keep you up-to-date and well-prepared for the discussions at HEROES and ICONS 2020
  • Attendee-only survey to tailor portions of the event to the needs of those who will actually be there (we want to hear from you about the problems going on in your practice that you hope to solve while at the event!)
  • Motivational videos from Great Legal Marketing and outside sources to keep the fire burning all year as we lead up to our time together in October
  • An exclusive FREE online product worth $497 for registrants of Heroes and Icons (delivered to you in Spring 2020)
  • The Heroes and Icons Book Club, featuring a recommended book to read and an audio analysis of its key concepts by Ben Glass

You will have almost a full year of support pushing you forward in your journey to be a Hero to your family and Icon in your community. Let me tell you... both of those things are never-ending quests. No Hero or Icon rests on his or her laurels. It is a pursuit – and one I engage in every day of my life. You make a choice to live that way every day.

HEROES and Icons is about everything it takes to be a law firm owner who every day says, “I live a remarkable life that is better today than it was yesterday.”

  • Yes, you will discover how to get more clients and make more money (because those two things are tools to achieving the rest of your desired lifestyle).
  • Yes, you will see the road map to a systems-oriented practice that nearly runs on its own (so you can spend more time focused on handling only the clients/case you want and being the true CEO of your practice).
  • Yes, you will better understand the finances side and learn how to control the flow of money (including turning more of it into profit in your pocket).
  • Yes, you will come away more motivated than ever before to Live Life Big (and finally grasp how important this part is to you, your family, your staff, and your community).
  • Yes, you will know exactly how to grow your practice, whether finally hitting your first $500,000 year, your first ONE MILLION, or adding the next MILLION to an already mature law firm (all are processes I have gone through or am going through right now with BenGlassLaw).

Be in an environment unlike any other with your peers who are equal parts excellent lawyers, family-oriented men and women, and ambitious entrepreneurs. And get treated to what will be your favorite gathering spot to launch you into the next phase of your personal and practice growth!